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Load Banking - A regular health check for your generator

Load Banking provides an essential part of preventative maintenance programmes where the reliability and practicality of load banks for power system testing can prevent the risk of costly power failures and maximise efficient production during routine maintenance. As part of preventative programmes Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Ltd utilises a complete line of resistive and reactive load banks.

Regular Load Bank testing of generators provides an essential maintenance service to prevent diesel engine failure due to wet stacking. Wet stacking is a condition in diesel engines in which all the fuel is not burned and passes on into the exhaust side of the turbocharger and on into the exhaust system. In diesel generators, it is usually because the generator is running at only a small percentage of its capacity. This fuel build up will over cause a reduction of the engines rating and efficiency that will ultimately cause premature failure of the generator. Running the generator on load of 50% - 100% of the genset rating will allow the engine to reach the recommend operating temperature, which will burn off the choke deposits. Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Ltd provides preventive maintenance programmes to a wide variety of industries.

For more details on Load Banking see our Information Sheet.

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