Biodiversity policy

Environmental and Biodiversity Policy

Caring for our planet...

Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Ltd recognises the need to operate the business in a manner that reflects good environmental and biodiversity management.

The Company is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations and will balance its aims with the need to protect both the local and global environment.

Environmental Policy Statement

Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Limited have a passion to maintain and improve ‘the world around us’ by means of effective environmental management processes to the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2004.

Flexibility and willingness to change, through the habitual involvement of all employees in the process of continual improvement of working systems and practices, is the key to success for Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Limited.

The Company will operate a Management System that will facilitate the achievement of the following Company-wide objectives: -

  • To comply with all applicable legislation and regulations and the requirements of our customers, the industry trade association and any party having an environmental impact on the Company
  • To continuously improve services & operational efficiency through appropriate investment in both equipment and personnel
  • To continuously improve energy efficiency and waste minimisation
  • To prevent pollution
  • To ensure that this Policy is communicated by display in prominent locations
  • To use regular Management Review meetings as a framework to set, review and maintain environmental objectives and also to assess this policy for current relevancy

Biodiversity Policy Statement

Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Ltd is committed to avoiding and/or reducing any adverse impacts to the environment caused by our operations in line with our environmental policies set out above.

The Company also recognises and understands the importance of biodiversity to the environment and will seek to conserve and where possible enhance biodiversity.

The Company will: -

  • Assess the impacts that all of our operations, functions and duties (direct and indirect) have on biodiversity
  • Seek to conserve and where possible enhance local biodiversity through the implementation of our statutory functions
  • Meet and where possible exceed the requirements set out in the applicable biodiversity legislation and regulations
  • Aim to implement a purchasing policy that favours those products and services that have the least impact on biodiversity
  • Aim to implement a purchasing policy that favours those suppliers that take biodiversity into consideration in the way they conduct their services
  • Seek similar standards and principles towards biodiversity conservation from all third parties involved with our business - suppliers, vendors and contractors
  • Use the opportunities that we have in our daily contact with the general public to communicate, educate and promote biodiversity conservation
  • Endeavour to fund projects and programmes that contribute to the conservation of biodiversity
  • Include a consideration of the impacts on biodiversity in investment decisions that we make
  • Engage with the local community and other stakeholders as far as is possible in connection with biodiversity conservation

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Biodiversity policy statement

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