Generator diesel engines

Generator Diesel Engines

Powering your diesel generators...

Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services offer a full range of gensets (generator sets) and diesel generators to meet all customers' immediate or additional power supply needs.

In order to match these requirements, Burtonwood have developed strong working relationships with key industrial diesel engine manufacturers.

This relationship extends from proprietary diesel generator units through our bespoke purpose-built generator sets to diesel engine maintenance, refurbishment and replacement.

AGCO generator engine logo AGCO diesel generator engine


Robust construction, durability, reliability and strong torque are features the AGCO SISU POWER engines are famous for. Continuous research and development has contributed in significant improvements in combustion process of this engine series.

These engines fulfil the European Stage 2 emission requirements. Solutions used for reducing emissions have simultaneously enabled the increase of power density and torque level while maintaining good fuel economy. Reduction in combustion noise has been achieved by the use of pilot injection. Also the new gear design and profile of timing gears introduced in Citius series engines essentially reduces the mechanical noise. Four valve cylinder head configuration is standard on electronically controlled Common Rail engines.

Cummins generator engine logo Cummins diesel generator engine

Cummins Engines

Cummins continue to expand their range of diesel engine choices to meet the needs of equipment manufacturers and their customers. From the 31-BHP (Brake Horse Power) (23 kW) A1700 to the 3500-BHP (2611 kW) QSK78, Cummins has engines to fit equipment needs in every industry.

Cummins are the only manufacturer in the world to give you a choice of Tier 2-compliant mechanical and electronic fuel-injected engines from 3.9 through 8.3 litres. Plus, all Quantum System engines are designed to run cleanly with a combination of sophisticated electronic controls and high-pressure fuel injection that meet Tier 2, Tier 3, Stage II and Stage IIIA emissions regulations using in-cylinder technology. These engines do not need cooled EGR to be compliant today and for years to come.

Lister Petter generator logo Lister Petter diesel generator engine

Lister Petter Engines

Lister Petter is known worldwide for clean, reliable, long-lasting diesel and gas engines, generating sets and pumps. They are so confident that engines won?t let you down that they offer a 5 year warranty and an enviable market-leading product availability.

There are almost thirty diesel engines to choose from in the Lister-Petter range, from a 2.8 BHP (2.1kW) single cylinder to a 160.9 BHP (120kW) six cylinder turbo. Air or water cooled, direct or indirect injection, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, there is a specification to suit almost every application.

Mitsubishi generator engine logo Mitsubishi diesel generator engine

Mitsubishi Engines

Mitsubishi Industrial engines are available in the range of 11kw to 62kw and 600kw to 2,000kw and meets all current emissions regulations. Variable and fixed RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) (11kw to 62kw) are good for generator sets, pumps, compressors and off road applications. From 600kw to 2,000kw is the perfect fit for larger generator sets.

Mitsubishi industrial engines have a worldwide reputation for reliability, fuel economy and long life. Their long stroke and low compression reduces engine stress. Service friendly design saves maintenance costs and shortens machine downtime.

MTU diesel generator engine logo MTU diesel generator engine

MTU Engines

Part of the Mercedes Benz family they provide quality and performance that you would expect from a global leader in heavy duty engines. The Design and development of high-power-concentration engines combining compactness and accessory integration with special durability is MTU's main concern.

Available in numerous cylinder configurations, engine series bearing the MTU brand cover a wide performance spectrum ranging from 20 to 9,000 kW and are thus capable of powering numerous vehicles and genset systems.

Perkins diesel generator engine logo Perkins diesel generator engine

Perkins Engines

For 75 years Perkins has led the field in the design and manufacture of high-performance diesel engines. Perkins continuous development programme allows them to offer one of the most advanced and comprehensive ranges of purpose-built diesel and gas engines available today.

Ranging from 5 to over 2,600 BHP, the engines power more than 5,000 different applications from over 1,000 major equipment manufacturers in the construction, power generation, materials handling, agricultural and general industrial markets.

Scania diesel generator engine logo Scania diesel generator engine

Scania Engines

Scania offer a wide range of engines covering requirements up to 636 kVA for prime power and 700 kVA for stand-by.

Operational reliability and dependable power when you need it are hallmarks of the Scania engine. Thanks to the unique modular system, which means that all engines are largely constructed of identical components, the availability of spare parts is excellent. The modular system also makes it dramatically easier for the mechanic. Once you know one Scania engine, you know them all! And many repairs can be carried out by a single mechanic.

After a long assocaition with the brand, Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services Ltd are also pleased to have been appointed by Scania (Great Britain) Ltd to the Scania Engines Service Dealer network. Under the terms of the new agreement, Burtonwood will be expected to perform Scania authorised Engines service for industrial, marine and power generation engines.

Diesel generator engine

Diesel generator engine

Diesel generator engine

Diesel generator engine

Diesel generator engine

Diesel generator engine

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