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Industry Sector Applications

Working across industry...

Burtonwood Generator & Switchgear Services provide a comprehensive range of power generation and switchgear services to the MOD, public and private sectors both in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

With over thirty years experience in diesel generator and electrical switchgear installation and planned maintenance, they are able to provide the best customer service and technical advice in the industry. This has led to being chosen as a trusted partner to some of the UK’s most well known organisations to ensure business critical service of emergency power supply.

With a turnkey approach covering design, build, installation and 24/7 emergency maintenance and call-out facilities backed up by the ability to produce highly specialised bespoke units, Burtonwood is the name you can rely on for your standby power generation.

Data centres

  • Data centres
  • Remote data centres
  • Call centres
  • Internet (ISP's)
Data center applications


  • Headquarters
  • Bases
  • Defence equipment
  • Intelligence
Defence applications


  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges & Institutes
  • ICT facilities
Education applications

Emergency services

  • Headquarters
  • Central intelligence
  • Control centres
  • Stations
Emergency service applications

Financial services

  • High street banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment banks
  • Trading floors
Financial institutions applications


  • Central government
  • Local councils
  • Prisons
  • Courts
Central & local government applications


  • Operating theatres
  • ICT & telecommunications
  • Patient services
  • Critical power
  • Support services


  • Sporting stadiums
  • Cinemas
  • Galleries & museums
  • Theme parks
  • Public libraries
Leisure site applications


  • Food & drink
  • Automated processes
  • Production lines
  • Contiuous processes
Manufacturing applications


  • Broadcasting
  • Printing
  • Film
  • Newspapers
Media applications

Nuclear power

  • Installations
  • Generating plants
  • Security
  • Reprocessing
Nuclear industry applications

Oil & gas

  • Onshore & offshore
  • Pipelines
  • Processing plants
  • Pumping facilities
Oil & gas industry applications

Power generation

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Telecommunication
  • Distribution
Power generation


  • Point of sale - EPOS
  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Superstores
Retail sector applications

Scientific facilities

  • Laboratories
  • R & D facilities
  • Scientific equipment
  • Observatories
Scientific applications


  • Telecom service providers
  • Call centres
  • 'Voice over IP'
  • Satellite systems
Telecommunication industry applications

Transport infrastructure

  • Air traffic control
  • Trains & undergrounds
  • Roads & tunnels
  • Airports & stations
Transport sector applications

Water treatment

  • Valve actuators & regulators
  • Pumps & pumping stations
  • Dosing equipment
  • Treatment equipment
Water industry applications

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