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The 9 Series Generator Range

The heart of a generating set is its engine and the Perkins 4000 Series is a family of 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder diesel engines, designed to address today's uncompromising demands within the power generation industry aimed in particular at the standby market sector.

Developed from a proven engine range that offers superior performance and reliability, they provide quality and performance that you would expect from a global leader in heavy duty engines.

Reliability, low vibration, class-leading load acceptance and self-diagnostic electronic engine management are just some of the premium features utilised daily by over 100,000 customers.

The new heavy-duty chassis /vibration mounts and the excellent InSight controls ensure superior performance with the functions to match. 9 series generating sets are available as outlined below:

Digital Model

Complete 'ready-to-run' specification with features as follows: -

  • Electronic engine management system
  • Engine lubrication oil
  • Engine sump drain piping and valve
  • 3-phase alternator
  • Radiator with 40°C ambient capability (50°C available as an option)
  • Radiator coolant drain piping and valve.

Heavy-duty baseframe with earth stud, vibration isolators between genset and base, exhaust bellows, exhaust silencer (and optional base fuel tank with filler cap and flexible fuel lines). Units larger than BG1100 have vibration isolators supplied loose for installation under the baseframe which does not include an integral fuel tank.

Wiring loom /harness, 3-pole set-mounted circuit breaker supplied as standard up to BG1100 (floor-standing circuit breaker available as an option with units larger than BG1100), earth strap, battery rack on base frame, battery cables, heavy duty starting battery /batteries (dry charged), InSight4000 control panel, emergency stop lock-down push button.

Operator’s manual pack (English - other languages available at no extra charge).

Genset Control

Standard features include a sophisticated digital electronic genset control panel, fully optionalised, with diagnostic capability. See the separate brochure for InSight4000 features and additional options.

The control panel may be upgraded to InSight5000 for AMF operation and /or for use with an automatic transfer panel.

Alternatively, it may be upgraded to InSight6000 for AutoSync with other gensets and /or the mains.

Specification Sheets

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9 Series Generator PDF

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