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Making the right choice

Choosing the right generator can be a difficult task for most of us.

By completing the Generator Enquiry Questionnaire linked below and sending the data to us, we can identify the most suitable generator for your application and make the appropriate recommendations.

Prime or Standby?

We will need to know what you expect of your generator.

For example, a standby generator only operates intermittently and tends only to be used in the event of the failure of your incoming mains supply. In other words, typically the generator will only run for several hours but only infrequently.

Prime Power generators are designed to provide continuous power to your load for extended period, possibly days, weeks of even months. Please complete appropriate boxes in the linked PDF form indicating Application, Frequency of Use and Operating Hours

Please complete our enquiry form

Simply complete our enquiry form to provide us with as much background information with regard to your application.

Please click here to link through to the Generator Enquiry Form.

We look forward to being of service....

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